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gevr's Journal

Gerda Vriesacker
17 March 1953
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I love playing my string bass and I love sculpting in stone ...

I was lured into using LJ by my love for all things concerning David McCallum and then mostly by his role in The Man From Uncle. That's how I met Spikesgirl58 and the rest, as they say, is history.

I have three kids and seven grandchildren, and I love all of them to the moon and back again.

My favourite passtimes are my grandkids and my dog (as far as living beings go) and for the rest I spend my time with a little bit of work as a software developer approaching retirement age but still interested in keeping up with the latest developments software-wise, and not quite ready yet to retire.
The rest of my time I like to carve into stone and make music on my string bass.
The stone carving is freeing, it transports my mind to a zen-place I would not reach otherwise.
And playing the bass in a woodwind band is thoroughly enjoyable and has brought me many, many good friends with a variety of interests, still united with our common love for music.

I love to cook and I love to eat, but most of all I love to use only good, natural food. I try to use honest food as much as possible. I mostly use fresh products - no canned stuff for me - and if at all possible I use honestly cultivated stuff : as little as possible treated with artificial, and often damaging, products.
Lately I have taken up baking bread with sourdough. I am still learning, and while the bread not always looks very beautiful it is very tasty. So I keep on trying :-)