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gevr's Journal

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17 March 1953
I love playing my string bass and I love sculpting in stone ...

I was lured into using LJ by my love for all things concerning David McCallum and then mostly by his role in The Man From Uncle. That's how I met Spikesgirl58 and the rest, as they say, is history.

I have three kids and six grandchildren, and I love all of them to the moon and back again.

My favourite passtimes are my kids and grandkids and my dog (as far as living beings go) and for the rest I spend my time enjoying my retirement after working as a software developer for many years, but I'm still interested in keeping up with the latest developments software-wise.

The rest of my time I like to carve into stone and play music on my string bass.
The stone carving is freeing, it transports my mind to a zen-place I would not reach otherwise.
And playing the bass in a woodwind band is thoroughly enjoyable and has brought me many, many good friends with a variety of interests, still united with our common love for music.

In wintertime I like to patch and quilt and do other needlework, since stone carving is a rather dirty hobby, and best practised outside.

I love to cook and I love to eat, but most of all I love to use only good, natural food. I try to use honest food as much as possible. I mostly use fresh products - no canned stuff for me - and if at all possible I use honestly cultivated stuff : as little as possible treated with artificial, and often damaging, products.
Lately I have taken up baking bread with sourdough. I am still learning, and while the bread not always looks very beautiful it is very tasty. So I keep on trying :-)

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