Gerda (gevr) wrote,

pics for Amethyst_witch

I promised Sarah some pics from my childhood, so here goes:

Do bear in mind that when i was a little kid, making pictures was stil somewhat expensive. So there was no real abundance in kid-pictures like I have of my own kids, or today's parents have from their kids :-)


this me as a baby.

in this pic I was 2 or 3 years old and in the other one I think I was 6 or so

krullebol 2-3.PNG     krullebol 6.PNG
my mom must have been very fond of curls because she was forever trying to make my hair curl, but it never lasted long.

here I am with my niece (she's two months older than me) making mudpies - I think we're three years old (I still have thar weird curl on top of my head), and again with that same niece at age 10. I still remember that day: it was very warm and we wanted to cool down and play with water :-)
ria en ik - moddertaartjes.PNG   waterpret.PNG

vava en nonkel louis.PNG
when this pic was taken there were 5 nieces and nephews. The adults are my grandfather and his brother in law who was a priest (the one with the pipe) I'm the one sitting on my grandfather's knee. My grandfather was a quiet man of few words, but our uncle was a great storyteller, especially creepy stories :-)

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