September 22nd, 2019


soo tired ...

wow, a week has gone by again. September is coming to an end.  I am way behind on my messages. I promise to make it up next week !

A friend of mine needed a new guestbed for when the grandchildren came to stay. So last Thursday we went to Ikea to shop for a bed. She had already made her choice, so all we had to do was find the bed. It was a double bed where one half could slide under the other half so it would be compact when it was unused or only used by one. The bed came in three parcels; the biggest one was the two sideboards and the two slatted bases. It was large, heavy and cumbersome. It took us quite some time and manoeuvring but eventually we got it onto our cart and afterwards in the car. When we had accomplished that we really had to ga back inside to drink some coffee and eat one of their delicious desserts.  I had a very yummy berry mousse !
When we came home we had to get the thing back out of the car and ... up to the first floor ! Luckily her appartment building has an elevator. Sadly enough it is a rather small elevator. We crammed everything inside the elevator with some effort and puffing and giggling, then she went up and I pushed the button for the first floor and closed the door so she could catch the elevator when it arrived. By the time the three parcels + 2 matrasses + 2 pillows were stacked in her hallway we were finished :-)
We had had a lot of fun, and we had been giggling like schoolgirls, but everything was home ! Time for more coffee !!
Next week we will attempt to assemble the bed. Because this weekend we have are playing a concert for the elderly like we did last year. I have been printing scores, mailing musical scores to people, making fifty floral arrangements for the tables and rehearsing and rehearsing ....
I've just come home from the last general rehearsal; tomorrow is the big day. Everything is ready so we don't have to be there before eleven a.m. for a last quick rehearsal with the vocalists.
I'll just take Max out for a walk and then I'm off to bed. I'll tell more about the concert tomorrow - if I can still sit behind the laptop, that is :-)

good night everyone - have sweet dreams !!