September 15th, 2019


blame it on spikesgirl who blamed it on milhent who blamed it on stardust 1161 who ....

How old are you : 66
Surgeries: 2
Tattoos: none
Ever hit a deer: nope, but I did end up nose to nose with once when we were running in the forest early one morning. I still don't know who was the most surprised : the deer or us
Rode in an ambulance: twice, once as a kid, once as an adult.
Ice skated: Yes, a lot actually
Rode a motorcycle: once, as a passenger - it was also the last time. It's not my thing
Stayed in hospital: yes : three kids, a broken shoulderblade, an appendectomy  and a hysterectomy
Skipped school: errrmmmm once or twice or ....
Last Phone call: my friend Evy
Last text: my son
Watched someone actually die: no
Coke or Pepsi: neither
Favorite Pie: cherry
Favorite Season: spring
Broken Bones: shoulderblade, tailbone
Received a ticket: a few times
Favorite color: purple
Sunrise or sunset: both
Ocean or mountain: ocean or any large body of water
Furthest placed traveled: the Azores