September 2nd, 2019


bathing beauties

In front of our community home we have a nice square with a pond, some lawn and trees, and of course a shelter for the bus stop. In the pond - or is it a fountain ? - reside two women. One is sitting on something so only her feet are dipped in the fountain; the other one is totally submerged, only her head is visible.

Some time in July Spikey asked about ponds/fountains/landmarks in our city (insofar you can call the tiny place I inhabit a "city") and I mentioned the fountain. Next day I passed there on one of my walks with Max and thought I might take a pic of our two bathing ladies. To my great surprise I found only one in the water. The submerged one had gone !!

(left alone to watch over the fountain. She's looking rather dejected to me )

The sitting one was left all alone to guard the fountain. I was a bit worried. Was the other one broken ? dismissed ? stolen ? after all, there was only a head, and hooligans are around everywhere these days.
The next two weeks I passed the fountain many times, but no sight of our second bathing beauty...

And then one day she was back - hurrah !! Obviously it was nothing nefarious - she had only needed her head fixed :-D
I was very happy to see her again, and I hurried to make some pics of the duo.


reunited they watch over the fountain. within a month or so they will go back in storage untill next spring. Polyester and frosty water do not go together well I fear :-)

Max checking out if they were doing okay :-)