July 28th, 2019


Still raining ...

I slept like a log this night. Nice and cosy with Max in our little tent under the party tent ! It was very nice to be able to get out of the tent and not step into the rain, because it is still raining. It looks like the weather is trying to make up for all the water we didn't get these last few weeks ...

Here's my little tent, in the background you see the workshop. In the next two pics it is under the party tent. I think it looks regal :-D

IMG-4855.JPG IMG-4861.JPG IMG-4860.JPG

IMG-4862.JPG Here's Max, lying around (literally) because it rained so hard even he didn't like walking around in it

IMG-4856.JPG This is Nathalie - I named her :-)  She going to be a project for more than one year  - hahaha

and this is me, hacking away
IMG-4869.JPG     IMG-4865.JPG