July 27th, 2019


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wow, time flies so fast, it's unbelievable ! Many things have happed in the past two weeks i

It has been super hot here - 40°C. This is the highest  temperature that was ever measured in our little country. It was sweltering ! Once we had a big thunderstorm with lots of thunder and ligthing, and thunder struck home somewhere nearby on an electricity cabin. The resulting power surge meant an early demise of my poor printer and my bread baker - sigh.

Today I'm on a workshop stonecarving about a 100km from home. My son brought me yesterday (with Max)  and I pitched my tent. We slept pretty well in the tent. It was much cooler than inside the big house, so I was very glad I brought the tent. Max is not so fond of it. Although ha likes sleeping close to me, I think he likes more room to sleep. It's a really tiny tent, maybe I should look out for a bigger one.  Once summer is over their on discount so that would be a good moment :-)

I also bought me a new car, so I'll be a bit more mobile and a bit less dependent on others and on public transportation. It's actually a second hand car, but I don't mind. It's got wheels and an engine, that all I really need :-D

I'll post more and also some pics later on, because I'm sitting outside, under a tent of the workshop (it started raining this bnight , and is still raining !!) and my battery is running low :-)

Have a nice weekend, all of you !