June 28th, 2019



Chris, one of my quilting friends had enrolled us both in a course of appliqué-ing Celtic knots (taking place today - I'm waiting for her as I'm typing this). Ofcourse there were certain necessities we needed, so we had to go shopping. I knew a quitling shop Chris hadn't visited yet, so that was where we were headed yesterday - off to The Netherlands. the shop is just across the border, in Etten Leur. It is a wonderful shop for fabric lovers, and the shop owners are such wonderful people ! They pamperred us with coffee/tea and cookies while we wandered around for hours trying to find just the right swatch of fabric we had in mind, and the correct needles and thread and ...

The shop had celebrated its 35th birthday just last weekend and to celebrate the owners had made a deal with a café across the street: every one of their customers that made a purchase was treated in the café with a piece of apple pie. So to the café we went, because after all the hard decision making we were feeling a bit hungry. And ofcourse the apple pie was calling out to us too :-)
The café is rather unassuming inside, but it has a nice terrace and a lovely little patio in the back. The patio is just big enough for four tables and a bbq, and very peaceful. We had shrimp croquettes with salad and bread for lunch and a lovely piece of apple pie as dessert.

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tadaaaa !!

And here is the result of our afternoon quilting Celtic knots


It's a fun technique. This one will be used in the first of a set of 4 cushions. So it's good it's a fun technique. Our teacher provided us with a few more knot patterns so I can make a set of 4 not-quite-the-same cushions.

Kamechelen Plage

"Kamechelen" is the dialect name of the place I live, and plage ... speaks for itself - no ?

I've not yet gotten all my ducks in a row yet, but I'm getting there :-D