June 19th, 2019


Guess who's back !

Last weekend, when I went by the pond I saw daddy duck was back. The last few times I was there to check up on the little ducklings I didn't see mom anymore, only the youngsters. And now here he was, mom was a bit farther away and he was keeping the youngsters away from her. I guess he thinks it time to reclaim his wife, she has done enough mothering with this lot.

mom and dad                                                              mom and the little balls of fluff 
IMG-4133.JPG   IMG-4533.JPG

the youngsters with their half-wings. They were flapping them like a "real duck" but it was very funny because their wings were still tiny, more down than feathers
IMG-4623.JPG     IMG-4626.JPG

now they have full grown wings. I think it won't be long before they move out. For now they are still sticking close together.

Last time I went by mom was nowhere to be seen. Maybe she has a new nest to hatch ...