June 13th, 2019


red currants versus blue berries - or how Max feeds the birds :-)

I promised Sarah some pics of the cheesecake. It took me some time because I ate the first harvest of red currants before I even started the cake - they looked so delicious, and they tasted delicious too! And I still had three other bushes.

Or so I thought. Because : the last few days it was either raining, or I was too busy with the Saga of the Unicorn, and when I wanted to harvest the other three bushes I noticed all the berries were gone. Eaten by the birds.

That silly dog that lies around in the garden is purely decorative. He begrudges the birds the crumbs I put out in the garden, but he lets them feast on the berries that grow there ??? He's nice and sweet and lovable, but not very useful...

Any way I ended up buying blue berries. I like them a lot too :-)

so here are the pics:

IMG-4733.JPG         IMG-4735.JPG
the cake                                                 and   a slice