June 10th, 2019


The Saga of the Unicorn 2019

Today was the seventh edition of the Saga of the Unicorn, the second one in which we participated. We = an organisation that promotes old crafts. My friends and I offerend workshops in drawing, lace making and stone carving. We also had a real wizzard with us...

The last two or three weeks I have constantly been busy cutting stones (very soft stones) in manageable slices/pieces, and making little half finished statuettes like castles, hearts, unicorns, and the lot. The idea was that the younger kids (5 - 7) would finish the  half finished statuettes and the older ones (8-12) would meke one from scratch, starting with a little peace of raw stone and rasp and cut their own statuette.

We survived the experience ! The stone carvers guild had one extra workforce with us today. It made a marked difference. One of my nieces had offered to help us, and she took care of the "wet department" (the polisishing stones with special sand paper and water) so Evy and I could keep ourselves busy with the kids that used a half finished stone and the kids that started with a raw one.
Last year the little castles and  the unicorns were very much in demand, this year it was unicorns from start to end !  I have never -ever- made or helped make so many unicorns in one day ! At the end of the day we ended up handing out stones and instructions to people to try it at home because we couldn't accept new kids to start ...

We had our lunch break between 13h and 14:30h and I was able to watch a performance of a group of knights - on foot and on horseback. The culmination of the event was a tournament between two knights who "fought" each other first on horseback with lances  and then on foot by sword. The black knight lost; the white one won and was awarded the hand of the fairy princess on her unicorn. It was a bit surreal watching the knights joust on a slightly moderated version of the "mission impossible" team, but it was very impressive !
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I'll post more pics tomorrow, but now I so tired I can hardly type, and my bed is calling out to me :-)

sleep tight every one !

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Today I had planned to just laze about and do as little as possible.
Boy did I get that wrong ! First my daughter called. They leave on holiday next weekend and the granddaughter had 2 bikinis and a jumpsuit with a problem - could I remedy that please ? Luckily it was just a matter of straps that had to be shortened and a neckline that showed a little too much cleavage. So they came over and I fixed the issues.

By then it was nearly noon and rather warm. And although the plan was to do as little as possible I thought it would be a nice thing if the last of the storage racks would get assemlbled and set up in the shed. That way I could sort all the stuff, we had just pushed inside yesterday, neat and tidy on the rack

Assembling the rack was almost a piece of cake - I really seem to have it mastered now :-) But when I started ordening and sorting the contents of the shed it had become so hot outside, that the shed with its corrugated roof ressembled a sauna. So I tossed the stuff haphazerdly on the rack, put the bike back inside, and by the time I had finished doing that thick, fat raindrops started to fall. I went inside, took a shower and promptly fell asleep on the couch afterwards. I think I'll turn in early this evening :-)

More rain is promised for tomorrow; still time enough to create some sort of order in the shed :-)

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