June 7th, 2019


Max, the bully

This morning I scattered some crumbs and pieces of a rice waffle in the lawn -for the birds. By noon Max was dozing in the sun, and one magpie, who was rathere daring, came along for some crumbs. The dog didn't even ope an eye, nor did he move a single hair. So the magpie came back and again. After a few times Max stood up and went to inspect what the bird was coming for. He sniffed the crumbs, but they were not his taste. And then the doofus looked around, and dropped himself on top of the crumbs. He rolled on his back, and stopped every few rolls to look around as if to challenge the magpie : "they're mine, mine !!",  then he went to sleep on top of the crumbs. Dogs !!!