June 3rd, 2019



Last Friday my nieces came over to visit. One of them is also attending the event next Sunday in Hasselt and she has expressed the whish to help with the stonecarving workshop. So she came for "a quick introduction" :-D
We sawed a piece of stone in handy pieces and I let her choose one to make her very first little castle. Being who she is she made it a real Catharian castle :-)

Saturday began really warm and got gradually warmer and warmer until we reached temps of 30 and 31C. the humidity was also very high, so it was very oppressive. The place we use for rehearsing was like a sauna. By the time we ended the rehearsal some saw black spots swimming in front of their eyes. I ended up sleeping with every available window open, trusting Max to keep watch :-)

Sunday it was even hotter. We had organised a BD brunch for my daughter whose birthday is tomorrow. The brunch took place in a place called "Eikelhof". The place is situated in the forest which concist largely of spines, but in front of the restaurant there are a number of oak trees - hence the name Eikelhof. An eikel = an acorn, but in Dutch an eikel is also an asshole, so Amethyst_witch renamed the  place to the asshole restaurant. But the food was good, the company was better and the kids had a great time :-D The rest of the day spent doing nothing because it was way too hot.
I the evening we had a thunderstorm, with lots of thunder and lightening, and some very fat raindrops. At my son's place - about 10km further - they had heavy rains and hail as well. Luckily it got a bit cooler after that. I ended up sleeping with the windows open again, leaving the duty of being on guard yet again to Max.