May 29th, 2019


The battle with the storage racks !

Yesterday I bought some storage racks. I needed them to create some resemblance of order in my garden shed. It is not a big shed, and it contained all my tools for stone carving, some stones, my gardening tools, Christmas decorations... All packed in sturdy carton boxes that were stacked one on top of the other. Very annoying, because Icouldn't see what was in the boxes (except for the christmas decorations - that's a transparent box) , so every time I needed something I had to hunt through all the boxes - aarrgggghhh
Hence the need for storage racks and a number of transparent containers.
They are easy-to-assemble racks - hah ! Yesterday afternoon I started on the first rack thinking it would be a job quickly done - boy was I in for a surprise !
The rack was all but easy to assemble and once assembled it showed a tenacious tendency to disassemble again. It took me more than an hour to put the thing together. And then I was so fed up with it that I went to plant some veggies. The DIY-store that sells the racks also sells flowers and veggies this time of the year. It's a lure I can't resist. So now on the garden side of the shed reside 4 tomato plants, 1 paprika, one zucchini and 1 galia melon. I've never planted a melon before - so I'm very curious about the result.
This morning I awoke with a sore hand. I had numerous little cuts in my hand - kinda like paper cuts, but I'm guessing the culprit was the storage rack which has some sharp edges. I guess they were in promotion for a reason.
This morning I started on the other three racks, with gloved hands this time, and lo and behold : I assembled the first one of today in under an a half hour. And the next one, and the next one in even less time ! There is a learning curve :-)
It is evening now, all the shelves have been stacked, but not yet sorted. And not everything has made it into the transparent containers. It was a lot of work but I'm pleased with the result. I could put my bike inside, as well as some odds and ends that still have to find their way to the recycle park.
I think I'll turn in early this evening. tomorrow it's going to rain. a perfect day to sort the contents on the shelves :-)