May 22nd, 2019


time flies by so fast !!

We are nearing the end of May already ! I just can't believe it. The WAK-exhibit is almost forgotten and I'm working for the next project : The Saga of the Unicorn. We participated last year and everyone was so enthusiastic, that we decided to participate this year again.  Everyone has been preparing their workshop. I've been sawing stones in manageble pieces and now I've started to shape them. I think I'm going to leave a number of them as they are, then the more ambitious youngster can create their figurine from scratch.
I've got about a hundred pieces of pink stone, now I still have to make a same amount of something darker - brown I think, or ùmaybe a chinese stone that has pretty black-green-yellow colours. I don't think the little boys will appreciate the pink because it is very pink :-)

When I go walking with Max I can go past a little pond on the outskirts of the village. this winter it was the home of a couple of ducks. And then I didn't see them anymore, untill about a month ago. There was mom swimming proudly with a bunch of youngsters. They were so tiny, and she was very protective of them.Today was the first time in two weeks I went that way again, and I was amazed  how they had grown. No longer were they little balls of fluff. They are becoming real ducks :-)

(click on the pics for a larger version)

IMG-4131.JPG mom and dad

IMG-4532.JPG mom and the little balls of fluff, dad has taken off to greener pastures

IMG-4626.JPG   IMG-4623.JPGand the youngsters today, all by themselves, I didn't see mom at all...
Their wings aren't fully developped yet, but they are starting to look like real ducks :-)