May 4th, 2019


A busy weekend !

Friday evening we had the final rehearsal for our annual concert with the orchestra. The theme was colours, and the dress code was black with a colourful accent. Some had a very flashy accent, some had a moderate accent. I had put on a necklace that is a white and gold skull, and pearl earrings, and gold shoes (not that these were very visible since I'm standing in the back).
It was past 11 pm when we finished and of course we couldn't go straight home :-)
Saturday we had to prepare the room for the audience, have a final-final rehearsal and then the concert. We were busy from around 4 pm and finally went home past midnight.

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I have a PC again and this clip was uploaded and posted in no-time. I had been trying to upload it from my tablet but that was just one big source of frustration ! I'm so very happy to be able to do stuff again in a comfortable way !!!

kortweg kunst

Last Sunday afternoon the bi-aanual exhibit for local artists opened. It started with a reception in the rain, but still we had a lot of fun. A number of people had to make a speech ofcourse, but luckily the speeches were short. A number af the artworks were outside pieces and they were placed in several alleys we have in the village, mostly in people's backyards. For the others inside locations were found in the old deanery, some empty storefronts and a few cafes that had some extra room or wall. More than 70 people participated with their works.

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The name of the exhibition "kortweg kunst" refers to the alleys because "kortweg" = just, simply, but a "korte weg" is also a shortcut or an alley. so you could translate the name to alley-art :-)

The weather has gone mad :-(

Two weeks ago whe had temperatures of 27°C (80,5°F), Last week it was barely 11C (51F) and this weekend we're having 6C (42F) and stormwinds with rain, hail and snow !!!
I can't wait for the weekend to be over !