April 26th, 2019


FIRST letter of your MIDDLE name

I gOt htis from milhent :
No googling allowed, you've got to do this on your own. Every answer starts with the first letter of your middle name.

Animal : elephant
Girl's name : Els
Boy's name : Eric
Color : ebony
Food : eggs
Something you wear : espadrilles
Drink : eggnog
Place : Echternach
Restaurant : Eikelhof
Reason to be late : empty wallet; no money for the bus

Copy paste and have fun !

Pfew, this was more difficult than it seemed at first sight. I stretched it with the reason to be late, but I couldn't find anything better than that.
The restUrant is a real one here, it's situated on the edge of the wood. Hence the name : eikel means acorn - at least it does in a civilised way :-D (it can also be translated as a**hole, and now, realising that, I'll have trouble keeping a straight face nexth month when we go there to have a brunch for my daughter's birthday - hahaha)