April 20th, 2019


Back on line - yeay !!!

After the demise of my faithful mac i was landed a bit in of limbo. To repair it would cost me a hefty penny and since it is almost 10 years old it is not really certain the repair would be an overwhelming success.
The crash happened at a very bad time because I was busy making the powerpoint for the concert we're going to play next week.luckily I hardly keep any data on the pc itself, but it is stored mostly on external drives and on external servers. The data was still there, but I wasn't able to access it anymore. Currently I' makimg do with the library's pc and my old tablet. Meanwhile I can save up for a new laptop.
Time has flown by since I was last online, and RL has been exceedingly busy. Next weekend we have our annual concert themed "Colourful" : it's all about music referring to colours. It's fun stuff to play.
Ne t weekend is also the opening of an exhibit the Flemish Community organises every year for hobby-artists, so I had some work with that one too. And end of May my fellow hobbyists and me are participating in "The Saga of the Unicorn". It's an evocation of a medieval fest, co,
Mplete with knights and jousts and medieval cracts and lots of fun medieval games for kids. Last hear they had organised a unicorn race : the kids had to complete a circuit using springballs in the shape of little white plump horses wit a pink horn on the head. It was very funny to see them bump around :-)
There's also a real life elf that rides a white horse, elaborately decorated, also carrying a horn. She was very beautiful !
I'm sharing a workshop stone carving for kids. Last year we had almost 300 participants - so a lot of preparation is needed! At least this year we're better prepared - laat hear was our first time wid did this and we had no idea of the amount of people and kids that would be there ! We had barely time to breathe. This year I'll try to take some photo's