March 19th, 2019


Another sunny day and tulips

I promised amethyst_witch a tulip update. So here it is :-)
Although it was very cold this night - the water in the saucer for the birds was frozen - today was antoher very sunny day. So I had hoped the bloom would show a bit of colour this evening. But alas, shortly after midday the sky clouded over and the sun playd hide and seek untill 4PM. So the pic below is the way the tulips are this evening : still no colour :-(

I was outside almost all day. Max loved it tremendously. He loves being outside, lazing in the sun, but he wants company. When I go inside for more than a few minutes he wants to come in too.  He's becoming a real wimp in his old age. But he's a very sweet wimp :-D
I still had a lot of boxes in the garden shed, because at the time of the move I was tired and hurting from the leg injury, the house was full of boxes and I'd had it. I just wanted all of it to be over.
The boxes in the house got unpacked and the stuff stored away, but the stuff in the shed was stacked very haphazardly. It was impossible to create a semblance of order without first moving a number of boxes (and stones) outside. So with the fine weather today I did just that. I unpacked some of the boxes, and stacked the others in a more orderly manner.
So although I still have no colour in my tulips, I do consider this a good day :-)