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International Women's Day !

The Friday Five for March 8, 2019

1. Are we losing the art of listening?
2. Have you ever interacted with the police?
3. Do you like being alone?
4. Who would you share your passwords with?
5. What are you grateful for today?

1. I don't know. A lot of people are only interested in their own story and their own troubles, but there also a lot of people ready to lend you a kind ear when you need one. I guess it was always that way. I do think there are more people that are all alone, who have no social network to rely on, or only a virtual one. And that is new thing.

2. quite a few times. The funniest one was when they rang the bell on a schoolday rather early - me and the kids were still having breakfast, my husband was not at home at the time - and asked if I would grant them permission to patrol the garden. They were following someone who had resisted arrest and he had fled into one of the appartments around the corner. These appartments all had a backyard that bordered on the side of our garden and they feared the culprit might try to escape through our garden. So for a short time we had four policemen walking around the garden, being very busy with their radio's and diligently helped by our dog who was barking very enthousiasticaly. We never saw the fugitive. I think he was more put off by the dog than by the policemen. A bit later we heard that the man was caught when he tried to flee out of the appartment onto the street.

3. I do.

4. some passwords I share with my daughter (bank codes and the like) just in case something happens.

5. We've had another fine sunny day today, so my grandson and I could go for a long walk with Max, and stop at our favourite coffee house for a pancake. At this very moment he's gone home with his dad and I enjoy the blissfull silence ... my grandson is a delightful kid of nine, but he's a chatterbox, and a rather noisy one too. There's never a quiet moment when he's around :-D