February 26th, 2019


Bookcovers and pet peeves

Elmey's book cover of today made me think of this one :

Elmey's book reminded me of my book because :
- it's also SciFi
- I find the cover just as offending as the cover of her book
- there's also an almost naked woman on the cover, not because the book is about naked women, far from actually. The heroin is a healer on a quest, nor do the other women in book run around not clothed. Come to think about it: the snakes are the only ones that slither around unclothed :-D

My copy of this book is 40 years old, so maybe that explains the cover. It's a cover that bothered me then and it still bothers me now.  Do these publishers think only men read scifi ? Is that why they put naked women on covers ? Like they put strong muscled men and swooning women (both half clothed) on pulp novels ? Why are women still treated as being less capable than men ? On one of my last jobs there was a guy who didn't want to work with me because he didn't like working with women - duhuh ?
Please excuse me for going off on a rant like this, but it's one of my pet peeves...

I have to say though that the book is well worth the read, even with the stupid cover :-) Vonda McIntyre won several awards with book back in the days.