February 21st, 2019


Book cover meme - day 5

amethyst_witch nominated me to post covers of seven books I love - one cover a day for a week. There is to be no explanations or reviews, just covers. Each time I post I will ask someone else to take up the challenge. Obviously it goes without saying that if I tag you and you don't want to it, you don't have to do it. Please do not feel obligated to join in.

Today I would like to nominate susandennis


Heat wave !

It's official : we have a winter heat wave ! We've had more than five consecutive days with a temprature of more than 15°C.  One day we even reached 18°c !  This is the equivalent of more then 32°C in the summer months :-)
The temperature is going to lower the next weeks, but it was very nice while it lasted. I really enjoyed the sunshine :-D