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Osschotse Quilters
When my parents still lived I joined a patch- and quiltclub in the village where they lived. I used to stay with my mom and dad in the weekends and while I was there I visited the quilters for a few hours of quilting fun.

But now that the're both gone it seemed a bit silly to drive 80 kilometers to quilt for a few hours, so I found myself travelling the distance less and less, untill I just visited once or twice a year.
But last year I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in quite some years and she talked me over to join the quilters club  she was visiting regularly in a neighboring village.

Yesterday we didn't come together to quilt, but to visit another quiltersclub in the nearby city of Aarschot - which we pronounce as Osschot in the local dialect. That's why they call themselves the Osschot Quilters. There were so many beautiful quilts to admire ! It's awfully hard to describe them all, so I'm just going to post a number of pictures :-)


More pictures are here ....Collapse )

there were much more quilts but I couldn't take pictures of all of them...