September Photo Challenge 22/30 (autumn)

Nothing says autumn to me as the chestnuts falling from their tree.

This particular tree grows next to the parking lot of the vet. Max had to visit her because he has an infected ear. He totally doesn't like going there because of all the horrible things they subject him to : poking and prodding his body ! Looking into his ears ! They even drew some blood this time ! I should have saved today for the "horror" prompt :-D

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September Photo Challenge 21/30 (music)

I could tell you about my favourite music, but that could lead us very far because I have a rather eclictic taste in music. One kind of music very near to my heart is of course the music I play with the orchestra. Every Saturday we rehearse and practice. And when we are ready to perform and we are sitting on stage waiting for the baton to come it is nerve wracking. And then the conductor lowers the baton, we start and it is such a sheer joy. Knowing that we're all together - all fifty of us - performing this same piece and having the same joy and fulfilment ....

It's an movie but without image. I recorded it with my cell that's lying face down on a ledge, otherwise you would get an extended view of the ceiling :-)  I don't know how to insert an audio file in an LJ post. The little movie icon only allows video - bleh !

it's about 3 or 4 minutes of our rehearsal. The voice you're hearing is our conductor giving instructions, tips, hints....keeping us on the right track, trying to keep us together in the correct tempo. It isn't very visible in the photo but there is 2 meter (about 6 feet) between every 2 musicians which is a big distance and that makes it difficult to hear and listen to each other. It also makes that only about half of the musicians can rehearse together, because the room isn't big enough to hold 40-50 people with such distances.

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September Photo Challenge 20/30 (horror)

Let me tell you a horror story :

This happened many, many years ago.

Once upon a time I had two dogs: an english bulldog and a malinois, both very sweet dogs. They had free reign over the backyard when I was out to work, and they usually played together, ate together, slept together....

But that same backyard sometimes turned into a real battlefield that hedgehogs should avoid. Not all hedgehogs - none that lived anyway - knew this little fact.
My bulldog however held a serious grudge against hedgehogs. If she saw one she had to catch it, and where most other dogs leave a hedgehog alone because of the quills, my bulldog did not. The malinois never approached a hedgehog... but the bulldaog was made of sterner mettel.
When she saw a hedgehog she became a one-dog-killing-machine, and quills or no quills the poor hedgehog didn't stand a chance. I would come home and find one dead hedgehog and one triumphant buldog with quills embedded in her paws and her snout. Next was a visit to the vet, to remove the quills and get antibiotics and stuff. Because as sweet as a hedgehog may look like it carries an awful number of parasites and fungi and bacteria ...

Then while the dog was still groggy, I would dispose of the dead hedgehog and peace would reign in our local killing fields - untill the next hedgehog dared show it's face...

A lot of hedgehogs scurry around here where I live now. I've yet to see one during the day, but at night they shuffel around looking for snails, worms and catfood. One of my neighbours feeds every cat he can lay eyes on and the hedgehogs are very happy with the extra food ... Yesterday I met two f them, and every time I see one, I remember my bulldog.

I'm very happy Max finds them very boring and completely unattractive.


so although this isn't a horror picture, the story is one of pure horror !

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September Photo Challenge 19/30 (book)

This book is special to me. My godfather gave it to me on the occasion of my Holy Communion when I was seven.  We had just learned to read at school and it is not exactly a children's book, but that was only a challenge for me to learn to read better.
It has wonderful pictures in it (by Anton Pieck, a Dutch artist in eraly 1900s) and it's easy to see where my imagination got its little dark side :-)

Over the years I read the book to pieces - literally.  Eventually it turned into a collection of loose sheets, clumsily stuck together with sticky tape. As a grownup I wanted to replace it and altough I checked many bookstores I couldn't find the book anymore. Until one day when I got into a thrift shop and I noticed it there on one of the shelves ! I was so very happy :-) Whenever I see it sitting on the shelf of the bookcase at home I remember my godfather and it makes me feel all warm inside.
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September Photo Challenge 16/30 (game)

Max likes puzzles. Ofcourse they are doggy puzzles and ofcourse there's food involved !

The puzzle : place food in the cutouts, then close the sliders.


Max solving the puzzle : he has to find a way to open the sliders to get to the treats

the video is under the cut:

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