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Mushroom time
I was walking with Max today and found so many mushrooms ! They're really taking over . I tried to take some pictures and ofcourse Max needed to see what I was doing. This didn't always end well for the mushrooms.

When we walked home we passed by our favourite coffee house. It was closed because it was almost seven pm, and they were tidying up inside. They had left te door open, and my cookie monster took off to run inside - his mind completely in cookie-mode.
I called him back because I didn't want him storming in with his dirty feet when they had just cleaned, and he trotted back to me like the good dog he is.

We were just past the coffee house and had crossed the street to go back home across the barren fields when I heard someone behind us calling : "wait! wait! ". It was the young lady of the coffeehouse with cookies in her hand. She said : "I hadn't seen Max, but I heard you call him, and I didn't want him to miss his cookies ".
Yup, he definitely has a fan club in there :-D

some mushroom picsCollapse )

there were more of them, but they stood by the side of a road where cars drove by and it is rather difficult to take pictures of mushrooms when the dog is leashed and eager to walk on. He does wait when I say so, but he doesn't stand still :-)

Can you fill this out without lying?

Snatched from spikesgirl58

1.) What was the last thing you put in your mouth? My coffee cup
2.) Do you sleep naked? no
3.) Worst physical pain you have ever had? cists im my womb that ruptured
4.) Favorite place you have ever been? Cabo de gato in Spain
5.) How late did you stay up last night? 1:30am
6.) If you could move somewhere else, where would it be? Nowhere. I like being close to my kids and grandkisq
7.) Which of your Facebook friends lives closest to you? my daughter
8.) When was the last time you cried? Last week
9.) Who took your profile picture? don't know - it's from the internet
10.) Two of your favorite movies? The Sting & Thelma and Louise
11.) What's your favorite season? Spring
12.) If you could talk to ANYONE right now, who would it be? my mom
13.) Are you a good influence? I hope I am
14.) Does pineapple belong on pizza? yes ofcourse !
15.) You have the remote, what show would you have on? NCIS or Blue Bloods
16.)First concert you ever attended: Rolling Stones
17.) Favorite food? I can't choose :-)
18.) When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A chemist.

Copy & paste!!

19 random FACTS about yourself that may surprise people.

From milhent

1. Do you make your bed everyday? - Yes, because my house is rather small and the bedroom is next to the livingroom.
2. What's your favorite​ number? - 7
3. What is your dream job? - I've always been a programmer and I loved it (retired now).
4. If you could, would you go back to school? - I always loved school, but I wouldn't go back, although I'm still enrolling in courses
5. Can you parallel park? - You have to be able to parallel park to get your driver's license; so yes.
6. A job you had which people would be shocked that you had? - I can't think of one ...
7. Do you think aliens are real? - I'm doubting it.
8. Can you drive a stick shift? - Yes. Most cars here have a stick shift.
9. Guilty pleasure? - MFU.
10. Tattoos? - None.
11. Favorite color? - Blue and purple.
12. Things people do that drive you insane? - people that are pretentious. At work people who try to take credit for work that someone else did..
13. Phobia/fear? - spiders
14. Favorite childhood game? - hide-and-seek, rope jumping
15. Do you talk to yourself? - when I am very concentrated. At work I used to talk to my laptop.
16. Do you like doing puzzles? - yes
17. Favorite Music? - changes by mood, so I can't really say.
18. Tea or Coffee? - coffee
19. First thing you remember you wanted to be when you grew up? - Chemist, I was fascinated by Marie Curie.

pumpkin mania
On 3 November we have another concert to play, and since it is still Halloween we decided to decorate with pumpkins. So last week I went to buy pumpkins. I bought  35 of them, mostly small ones as they have to serve as decoration on the tables.
My granddaughter came along to "help" me organise them on the porch:

IMG-5031.JPG   IMG-5030.JPG
IMG-5028.JPG  Laurien being silly, something she is very masterfull in  :-)

She also loves to learn Max new tricks, and Max is always very happy to oblige her because it means lots of treats :-D

Here she wanted him to sit with a cookie on his nose (don't ask why). silly dog will do anything as long as he gets cookies :-D

Stolen from Spikesgirl58

Who stole it from doylebaby, who got it from silvan_lady and kittyrefuge

Pick a song to go with each letter of your user name.

G - Good vibrations (Beach Boys)
E  - Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)
V  - Venus (Shocking Blue)
R  - Radar Love (Golden Earring)

For once it was a bit easy with my short name :-D

one down - still two to go
Our senior citizens concert was a success - we had an audience of over 500 people for the two concerts. We had a cloackroom for coats and one for walkers. The one for coats was as good as empty - very beautiful weather; but the one for walkers was overflowing !
It was quite an entreprise to get all those people into the concert hall so that we could start the concert on time. A lot of them rode in a wheelchair, and many more had walkers with them. So we had to escort them to their seat and then put their walker into the cloackroom for them. It was not an easy feat :-)
We played aria's from Mozart, Puccini and Bizet with a soprano and a bariton - 2 really lovely people - and anumber of Marches, Also The French Cancan was part of the program - that's the one piece everyone knows :-D
We had been prepping the concert hall all Saturday, followed by a last general rehearsal. Sunday morning was for the last finishing touches and a last short rehearsal. And than came the concerts : one at two PM and one at 6PM. And after that cleaning up and stumbling home and into our beds :-D
I didn't do much on Monday: drinking coffee - walking Max -doing some shopping ... that's about it.
Today I cleaned up the rest of the mess we made, making the folral decorations, putting away the musical scores that were still lingering ... and cleaned the house a bit. Max is a great dog but he sucks at cleaning up his hair !

I'll post some pics of the concert later, but meanwhile you can find some pics of the rehearsal under the cut
some pics of the rehearsalCollapse )

But we're not done yet. Early November our youngsters have their own annual concert and end of December we play a family concert with a Christmassy theme. I can't tell much yet, but it is about Santa Claus and he is missing ! It's a whodunit :-)

soo tired ...
wow, a week has gone by again. September is coming to an end.  I am way behind on my messages. I promise to make it up next week !

A friend of mine needed a new guestbed for when the grandchildren came to stay. So last Thursday we went to Ikea to shop for a bed. She had already made her choice, so all we had to do was find the bed. It was a double bed where one half could slide under the other half so it would be compact when it was unused or only used by one. The bed came in three parcels; the biggest one was the two sideboards and the two slatted bases. It was large, heavy and cumbersome. It took us quite some time and manoeuvring but eventually we got it onto our cart and afterwards in the car. When we had accomplished that we really had to ga back inside to drink some coffee and eat one of their delicious desserts.  I had a very yummy berry mousse !
When we came home we had to get the thing back out of the car and ... up to the first floor ! Luckily her appartment building has an elevator. Sadly enough it is a rather small elevator. We crammed everything inside the elevator with some effort and puffing and giggling, then she went up and I pushed the button for the first floor and closed the door so she could catch the elevator when it arrived. By the time the three parcels + 2 matrasses + 2 pillows were stacked in her hallway we were finished :-)
We had had a lot of fun, and we had been giggling like schoolgirls, but everything was home ! Time for more coffee !!
Next week we will attempt to assemble the bed. Because this weekend we have are playing a concert for the elderly like we did last year. I have been printing scores, mailing musical scores to people, making fifty floral arrangements for the tables and rehearsing and rehearsing ....
I've just come home from the last general rehearsal; tomorrow is the big day. Everything is ready so we don't have to be there before eleven a.m. for a last quick rehearsal with the vocalists.
I'll just take Max out for a walk and then I'm off to bed. I'll tell more about the concert tomorrow - if I can still sit behind the laptop, that is :-)

good night everyone - have sweet dreams !!

blame it on spikesgirl who blamed it on milhent who blamed it on stardust 1161 who ....
How old are you : 66
Surgeries: 2
Tattoos: none
Ever hit a deer: nope, but I did end up nose to nose with once when we were running in the forest early one morning. I still don't know who was the most surprised : the deer or us
Rode in an ambulance: twice, once as a kid, once as an adult.
Ice skated: Yes, a lot actually
Rode a motorcycle: once, as a passenger - it was also the last time. It's not my thing
Stayed in hospital: yes : three kids, a broken shoulderblade, an appendectomy  and a hysterectomy
Skipped school: errrmmmm once or twice or ....
Last Phone call: my friend Evy
Last text: my son
Watched someone actually die: no
Coke or Pepsi: neither
Favorite Pie: cherry
Favorite Season: spring
Broken Bones: shoulderblade, tailbone
Received a ticket: a few times
Favorite color: purple
Sunrise or sunset: both
Ocean or mountain: ocean or any large body of water
Furthest placed traveled: the Azores

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Happy Birthday akane42me

I wish you a very happy birthday and a very happy year too !!!

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Happy Birthday Linda !!!
I wish you a very nice and happy birthday and an even happier year !