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(no subject)

Happy Birthday Benicek

time flies by so fast !!
We are nearing the end of May already ! I just can't believe it. The WAK-exhibit is almost forgotten and I'm working for the next project : The Saga of the Unicorn. We participated last year and everyone was so enthusiastic, that we decided to participate this year again.  Everyone has been preparing their workshop. I've been sawing stones in manageble pieces and now I've started to shape them. I think I'm going to leave a number of them as they are, then the more ambitious youngster can create their figurine from scratch.
I've got about a hundred pieces of pink stone, now I still have to make a same amount of something darker - brown I think, or ùmaybe a chinese stone that has pretty black-green-yellow colours. I don't think the little boys will appreciate the pink because it is very pink :-)

When I go walking with Max I can go past a little pond on the outskirts of the village. this winter it was the home of a couple of ducks. And then I didn't see them anymore, untill about a month ago. There was mom swimming proudly with a bunch of youngsters. They were so tiny, and she was very protective of them.Today was the first time in two weeks I went that way again, and I was amazed  how they had grown. No longer were they little balls of fluff. They are becoming real ducks :-)

(click on the pics for a larger version)

IMG-4131.JPG mom and dad

IMG-4532.JPG mom and the little balls of fluff, dad has taken off to greener pastures

IMG-4626.JPG   IMG-4623.JPGand the youngsters today, all by themselves, I didn't see mom at all...
Their wings aren't fully developped yet, but they are starting to look like real ducks :-)

quilting exhibition in Lier
Yesterday my friends and I went to visit a quilting exposition in Lier, a little town not far from here. It was a large exposition, and it was situated in an abandoned warehouse - very pittoresque. It was a bit remote so it was a good thing they had placed many signposts or we wouldn't have found it :-)
Besides the traditional patching-and-quilting the local quilters had used many modern techniques too. A lot of works were embellished with appliqués, and many were made up of scraps of fabric thar were glued and then stitched. One lady had replicated two photographs, and others had created animal faces and birds in this technique. It was very special.

some pictures of the expositionCollapse )

(no subject)
Happy Birthday Milhent !!

Have a wonderful day
and an even more wonderful year !

The weather has gone mad :-(
Two weeks ago whe had temperatures of 27°C (80,5°F), Last week it was barely 11C (51F) and this weekend we're having 6C (42F) and stormwinds with rain, hail and snow !!!
I can't wait for the weekend to be over !

kortweg kunst
Last Sunday afternoon the bi-aanual exhibit for local artists opened. It started with a reception in the rain, but still we had a lot of fun. A number of people had to make a speech ofcourse, but luckily the speeches were short. A number af the artworks were outside pieces and they were placed in several alleys we have in the village, mostly in people's backyards. For the others inside locations were found in the old deanery, some empty storefronts and a few cafes that had some extra room or wall. More than 70 people participated with their works.

my worksCollapse )

The name of the exhibition "kortweg kunst" refers to the alleys because "kortweg" = just, simply, but a "korte weg" is also a shortcut or an alley. so you could translate the name to alley-art :-)

A busy weekend !
Friday evening we had the final rehearsal for our annual concert with the orchestra. The theme was colours, and the dress code was black with a colourful accent. Some had a very flashy accent, some had a moderate accent. I had put on a necklace that is a white and gold skull, and pearl earrings, and gold shoes (not that these were very visible since I'm standing in the back).
It was past 11 pm when we finished and of course we couldn't go straight home :-)
Saturday we had to prepare the room for the audience, have a final-final rehearsal and then the concert. We were busy from around 4 pm and finally went home past midnight.

Yellow River - our encore - was filmed by one of our friendsCollapse )

I have a PC again and this clip was uploaded and posted in no-time. I had been trying to upload it from my tablet but that was just one big source of frustration ! I'm so very happy to be able to do stuff again in a comfortable way !!!

7 & 4
I saw this in Milhent's lj and thought it would be fun. It's a bit late, but I'm still dependent on the library pc for some things. A tablet is not always simple to work with - or maybe it's just me, that's also possible :-)

Four places I've lived:
1. Schoten
2. Ekeren
3. Tessenderlo
4. kwaadmechelen
the first two are in the province Antwerp, the other two in Limburg

Four places I've worked:
1. Bell Telephone - a telephone manufacturing company
2. Telindus - a networking company
3. Dieteren - producers of Audi, Volkswagen etc
4. Proximus - Telephone company
It looks very varied but I've always worked in the software departments

Four things I love to watch on TV:
2. The Incredible Dr Poll
3. Komen eten (where people coock for each other and are given points for the food by the others)

Four places I have been:
1. Kopenhagen - Denmark
2. London - England
3. Sao Jorge - Azores
4. Kronplatz - Italy

Four things I love to eat:
1. French Fries
2. Lasagna, especially home-made
3. Pizza
4. Waterzooi

Four people I think will respond:
1. -
2. -
3. -
4. -
I have no idea :-D

Four favorite drinks:
1. Mint tea
2. Coffee
3. white wine - dry
4. home made ice tea

FIRST letter of your MIDDLE name
I gOt htis from milhent :
No googling allowed, you've got to do this on your own. Every answer starts with the first letter of your middle name.

Animal : elephant
Girl's name : Els
Boy's name : Eric
Color : ebony
Food : eggs
Something you wear : espadrilles
Drink : eggnog
Place : Echternach
Restaurant : Eikelhof
Reason to be late : empty wallet; no money for the bus

Copy paste and have fun !

Pfew, this was more difficult than it seemed at first sight. I stretched it with the reason to be late, but I couldn't find anything better than that.
The restUrant is a real one here, it's situated on the edge of the wood. Hence the name : eikel means acorn - at least it does in a civilised way :-D (it can also be translated as a**hole, and now, realising that, I'll have trouble keeping a straight face nexth month when we go there to have a brunch for my daughter's birthday - hahaha)

for motodraconis whom I promised pics of the tulips :-)
I promised motodraconis I would post some pics of the tulips when the got their colour, so here goes: I took pictures from start to finish.

IMG-4363.JPG        IMG-4354.JPG

8F39D0AF-BA5E-45B0-9380-C239F92BE0C5.JPG     IMG-4415.JPG
ofcourse Max had to be in the picture too :-)

IMG-4429.JPG     IMG-4465.JPG
aren't they gorgeous ?                                              I find that even now they have a very pretty colour