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sculpting weekend
Last weekend I went to a three daysculpting  workshop titled "two in one". The idea was to mix two different stones into one image. Since I don't do things in halves I wanted to fit one image into another one. I had tried it at home last summer and ended up throwing the result away. i couldn't get it to look like the way I wanted to. I think I used stones that were a bit small and a bit hard.
However this weekend I would make it work !

this was the design :  The big cat had be in a dark stone (brown or black preferably), the little one needed to be white.

V. had a very nice selection of dark grey stones whit white clouds. A lot of my fellow sculpurs chose one of these. Alas before we were working an hour  four of them had broken (mine was one of them) : it was a very layered stone which split and broke whenever the pressure became a bit much :-(  a reason to be very careful ! On the other hand he was so very soft that no actual hacking had to be done.

So after rasping and filing a half day cat n°1 was ready : A sturdy grey cat with a cut-out of a little cat in its belly.  Now it was time to make the little cat; big enough, but only slightly bigger than the cut-out. I wanted it to be in albast because that is a rather soft stone that is very though - it's not prone to cleaving or beaking. We also had to apply some raisin to the big cat because a crack had started showing. When rasping the head I could feel vibrations in the area of the ear, and we heard it too : a kind hollow-ish sound.  We had to warm up the stone a bit - the the crack start to open, and when you apply raisin to it, it seeps inside. Unfortunately it has to be quite dry before you can go on working on the stone.

the glued cat     and the drawing of the white one on the stone. I just noticed I have no pic of the white one although it was cutout by the end of Friday

Saturday I finished the white one, and spent the rest of the day getting it to fit into the big black one.

as you see here there are two white cats. That's because the albast was rather thick and I made a thick whtie cat - which is a little more safe  tahn making a very thin cat. And then afterward sawed it neatly in two.

it almost fitted - almost ! So I had to make the gray mould slightly bigger by raspin tiny bits here and there and fitting very often to see where thing didin't fit smoothly

here the white one is glued fixed in the black one with raisin again. It sticks out about one millmeter. It has to be rasped to one level once everything is dry.

And this is the finished product, after the last bit of rasping, sanding and polishing (I did the last bits at home) and after being properly waxed :

There's now a white cat that's part of the grey/black one and one white one that's standing seperately. I'm quite happy with the result.

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Happy Birthday xina_gee !
May you have a wonderful day
and an even more wonderful year !!

happy fairy bd.jpg

Pinced from amthyst_witch
I've got to be mad to do this ! I mean "V" - really ???

Vampire bat
Girl's Name: Veronique
Boy's Name:  Victor
Color: violet
Food: vanilla ice cream
Something you wear: vest
Drink: Vodka
Place: Vancouver / Vlissingen (I bet none of you knows where Vlissingen lies :-D )
Restaurant: Mea Volta ; they specialised in breakfasts, but alas they no longer are in business
Reason to be late: Very much Mea Culpa, my bed was too nice and warm and comfy !!
Job title: Very talented Progress Consultant  :-D

I got tagged a few days ago, so here we go


1. Pick 15 of your favorite movies.
2. Find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
5. No googling/using IMDb search or other search functions.
6. Guess away!

1. There can be only one
2. Bend and snap !
3. You shall not pass !
4. I was perfect.
5. I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good.
6. Here's Johnny !!
7. I love the smell of napalm in the morning !
8. How are you ? Pooped !
9. I'm having an old friend for dinner...
10. Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
11. I'll have what she's having
12. None shall pass !!
13. Hasta la vista baby !
14. My preciouss
15. I'll be back !

I'm not goint to tag anyone, but the ones who like to play are very welcome !

pics for Amethyst_witch
I promised Sarah some pics from my childhood, so here goes:

Do bear in mind that when i was a little kid, making pictures was stil somewhat expensive. So there was no real abundance in kid-pictures like I have of my own kids, or today's parents have from their kids :-)


this me as a baby.

here are more pics :-)Collapse )


To Spikesgirl58

A very happy birthday !!
May this day be most pleasant
and may most of your wishes come true this year !!

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Happy birthday meathiel

Have a fun day
with lots of cake and kisses !!


Still raining ...
I slept like a log this night. Nice and cosy with Max in our little tent under the party tent ! It was very nice to be able to get out of the tent and not step into the rain, because it is still raining. It looks like the weather is trying to make up for all the water we didn't get these last few weeks ...

Here's my little tent, in the background you see the workshop. In the next two pics it is under the party tent. I think it looks regal :-D

IMG-4855.JPG IMG-4861.JPG IMG-4860.JPG

IMG-4862.JPG Here's Max, lying around (literally) because it rained so hard even he didn't like walking around in it

IMG-4856.JPG This is Nathalie - I named her :-)  She going to be a project for more than one year  - hahaha

and this is me, hacking away
IMG-4869.JPG     IMG-4865.JPG

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wow, time flies so fast, it's unbelievable ! Many things have happed in the past two weeks i

It has been super hot here - 40°C. This is the highest  temperature that was ever measured in our little country. It was sweltering ! Once we had a big thunderstorm with lots of thunder and ligthing, and thunder struck home somewhere nearby on an electricity cabin. The resulting power surge meant an early demise of my poor printer and my bread baker - sigh.

Today I'm on a workshop stonecarving about a 100km from home. My son brought me yesterday (with Max)  and I pitched my tent. We slept pretty well in the tent. It was much cooler than inside the big house, so I was very glad I brought the tent. Max is not so fond of it. Although ha likes sleeping close to me, I think he likes more room to sleep. It's a really tiny tent, maybe I should look out for a bigger one.  Once summer is over their on discount so that would be a good moment :-)

I also bought me a new car, so I'll be a bit more mobile and a bit less dependent on others and on public transportation. It's actually a second hand car, but I don't mind. It's got wheels and an engine, that all I really need :-D

I'll post more and also some pics later on, because I'm sitting outside, under a tent of the workshop (it started raining this bnight , and is still raining !!) and my battery is running low :-)

Have a nice weekend, all of you !

tomatoes and tips
A few days ago rhodielady_47 offered a tip to keep birds away from my tomato plants : hang red Xmas balls on the branches of the plants. The birds will find them inedible and will afterwards leave the "real" tomatoes alone.
So I decided to try it out :-)
I have no red plastic Xmas balls so I used little red plastic apples, and since one of the tomatoplants is supposed to produce yellow tomatoes I hung up a few bunches of golden plastic grapes for good measure.
I dont know if it is going to help, but the result is rather cheerful :-)

tomatoes with baublesCollapse )