weekend where have you gone ???

Last week and last weekend were extremely busy.
On Saturday we had to play a concert of two times 45 minutes. It was meant as compensation for an organisation that had lent several helping hands to our concert for senior citizens last September - an organisation with mostly older members.

They specifically requested easygoing music , mostly popular music from the 50ties, 60ties and 70ties. Our conductour had assembled a list of 20 to 23 pieces. They had to be mailed around a few weeks ago, they had to be printed out 2 weeks ago, and be distributed to some. And amazingly enough quite a number of our musicians found one or more pieces missing in their bundle. So I spent most of Thursday and Friday eplying to mails where they complained to be missing this or that piece.  Some of them asking if I could print it and bring it along on Saturday...
Then came Saturday and we moved all our percussion and stuff  to the location of the festivities; played our first 45 minutes - were anounced as our own youth division - I felt the years drop :-D

Everyone was regaled with "frikadellen met kriekjes" (meatballs and cherries) - a typical belgian dish.

And some time afterwards we played our second set of 45 minutes.

While the organisation cleared up the location we had a stage rehearsal with the children that will perform a little play during our Christmas concert.

When that was finished we still had our regular Saturday rehearsal with the orchestra - aaarrghh.  And then we still had to move all the percussion instruments back to our regular reheasal location.

When I came home at last Max wanted his lat night walk and then I fell into bed and slept until 10 next morning.

Unfortunately I am also member of a theater company and they had a fund raising activity on Sunday afternoon. Needless to say I was a total loss by the time it was Sunday evening.

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Yesterday I planted the rest of the plants and the bulbs.  I didn't have the cance on Saturday because I had a lot of stuff to do for the next concert that takes place in two weeks. But yesterday was  another sunny day, so I got out my gardening tools and got to work on the border next to the garden shed. I removed the remains of the tomatoes and other plants I tried to grow this summer. Then I removed the carroth cloth. It was folded and folded until  at some places it was folded twelve times ! No wonder my plants suffered from lack of water this summer. They had no benefit at all from the little rain that fell, or from the water I gave them. I had buried some plastic bottles with their necks in the ground so I could use them as a funnel when watering the plants, but it was not enough. The zuchini produced only one zuchini and the melon and apaprika just stayed alive :-(
But now the carroth cloth is gone, I moved some good earth through the soil and planted the verbena's, the sedums and a lot of bulbs. Just in time, because today there was no more sun, and it even rained.
And this morning I ached all over. My old bones aren't used to that much activity in one day anymore and they protested the treatment of the previous day. But it was worth it - how much worth ? we'll see that next summer  :-)

The plants are still looking small, but I'm sure they'll grow prosperous. I'm thinking of spreading some woodchips between the plants as extra covering for the winter and also to stop the weeds from taking over...

planting bulbs and stuff

By the end of this mont I'll be living here for a year already ! Time really does fly. It was not yet too late to plant flower bulbs then, but I decided to wait until now so I could see what was already in the ground - well not quite true because I planted 10 pink tulips; these : IMG-4429.JPG remember them?
There was nothing coming up this spring, except these 10, so I decided to remedy that this autumn, by planting more bulbs and some more plants

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They're all plants that are very attractive to butterflies and bees. I hope to see a lot of them next summer.

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Last week has been a very  busy week !
On november 1st we went to the graveyards to honour our dear departed, and afterwards the entire family gathered for a nice familydiner. The location is the same every year, but the cooks vary. Last year my two eldest were in charge of the food and they organised a quiz afterwards. This year it was one of my brothers in law who organised the event. He had planned a soccer match in the afternoon , but alas it rained, so no soccer ...
It's nice to have the entire family together once a year, seeing all the little nieces and nephews getting older, bringing boyfriends and girlfriends along, starting a family of their own ...

Saturday was filled with rehearsal and preparation of the concert on Sunday.

On Sunday we had our annual concert of our youth division: first the concert - afterwards the pasta buffet. I was in charge of the dessert : ice cream - yummie :-) It was a great success. The kids played well. We had 5 new members whose ages were between 5 and 8, but they did very well. We had them helping in the rythm section : tambourines, triangles, shakers and such stuff. They were very proud to be there, and a bit nervous too :-)
We had decorated the tables with the pumpkins we had decorated a few days before. People really liked them. A fair number went home with one of the families attending the concert :-)

I took these three with me to sit next to the front door :


pumpkin decorating

My porch is empty again. All the pumpkins - except three - have been moved to where we rehearse with the orchestra.  Fabian and I had gathered a number of kids from our youth division to  decorate the gourds. The result was a bunch of decorated, and sometimes sticky, pumpkins. The kids decorated them with pasta, glitter, pearls, ribbons and other parafernalia. They were not allowed to cut them -although they wanted to. But it is to warm and they have to keep until tomorrow (Sunday the 3rd)  so : no cutting up the pumpkins.


It isn't very visible on the pictures but an immense load of glitter powder was used. And an even more immense load ended up on the floor or the place - so I'm leaving for rehearsal an hour early with a broom and some other cleaning utensils to try and clean up the glitter and stray pearls and eyes and stuff :-)

more mushrooms

I've been collecting mushrooms while I was walking with Max. There are so many of them this year ! It's truly remarkable. I've been collecting them by taking photo's of them. I don't cut them, or take them home; they're much too pretty to destroy and besides I don't know which ones are edible ...

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