DM Challenge 2/30: wet

We're lucky he's in the water so often. It makes it rather easy to find "wet pictures" :-D

from popart - wet from the bubbles

more bubbles

taking off his wet clothes in popart

after the swimming and fighting in Concrete overcoat

swimming under water like a fish :-)

some more concrete overcoat

more gasping for air in virtue


Last Friday I got my second shot with the Pfizer vaccine. So now I'm officially fully vaccinated ! My arm is still a bit painful, and I've been a bit under the weather the first day after the shot but that's the worst of it.

Other than that I've been re-decorating the living room. The room was dominated by a very large, rather dark, bookcase filled to overflowing with the many books I collected over the years. The bookcase was bougth many years ago when I lived in a house that was markedly bigger than the one I live in now, and after a lot of thinking (and agonising)  I finally decided to give away most of the books and get rid of the bookcase. It took me a few days to distribute the books to friends and the rest was donated to the thrift shop. I still have a lot of books now, but i think I gave away 2/3 of them.
Next Tuesday I can pick up the new - smaller and lighter - bookcase with the company that makes such good meatballs. and the comes the job of assemblin it and  fill it again with the books I've kept : the ones about my crafts and some I reall, really can't live without :-D
I'll post some pics when all is ready.


I woke up this morning and the whole world was white. It didn't snow this much a few months ago when it was winter !


My poor tulips have closed their petals and are shivering on their little stems.  I hope they'll survive this :-)

weird seasons

The strangest things have been going on with the weater lately. In the course of of a month the temperature here has v-been going up to 24°C and back down to 10°C, then back up to 23°C and now we're somewhere in the neigborhood of 1°C and even below zero at night.
Last week I went to help a friend with cutting back shrubs and plants that were trying to take over the garden. It was hot - we were sweating and had diner outside on the terrace. This week we're inside, huddled in sweaters, and having the heating on. I hope somewhere along this month the weater will decide what it's going to do :-)

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